First Time Marathoner

"As someone who could barely run a mile a few years ago, a marathon felt like an impossible goal to reach. I revisit the training plan often as a reminder of what my body and mind were able to accomplish. I would recommend working with Whitney as you train for a specific race or simply strive to live a more fitness-friendly lifestyle. Regardless of your fitness level, Whit will create a personalized plan to get you moving and best of all, she'll be there cheering you on throughout the entire journey." 


Personal Training Client

"I first met Whitney in a HIIT It class that she taught at my office. Her Tuesday workouts were a regular, and welcome, kick in the butt. I asked Whitney to train me personally in addition to the weekly workouts in the few months leading up to my wedding to take my exercise regimen to the next level. I wasn't an exercise novice, but Whitney's creativity continuously pushed me harder and helped me strengthen in ways I didn't know I was lacking. Each session was personalized, sometimes targeting upper body or lower body or a more full-body challenge. Whitney is extremely knowledgeable and she knew just when I need an extra push or motivation! I combined my sessions with Whitney with one to two vinyasa yoga classes and a cardio or full body exercise a week and together, the results were incredible. I not only felt confident on my big day, but felt my absolute best. I couldn't have done it without Whitney!"


Returning Half Marathoner 

"Whitney is insightful and thoughtful. She took me from nothing to a half marathon in 9 weeks. I asked her to create a training plan for me and her response was a follow up with numerous, spot on, questions about my current ability, running schedule and goals. She created a training path that was exciting and completely realistic. I experienced injuries along the way, she was always there to help me trouble shoot those injuries and figure out what was going on with my body. She is dedicated and knowledgeable. I can't think of a better combination.  I'm training for another half marathon and I want to improve my time and I know she is the one to help me do that."


First Time Half Marathoner

"Whitney designed a training program that helped me not just survive my first half-marathon, but totally conquer it! Before working with Whitney I was not even able to run one mile without taking at least one break. I signed up for the BK Half to learn how to run and to get in shape; the day after I registered I started panicking, and a good friend recommended I meet Whitney. Whitney asked about my current habits and ability, and really tried to understand where I was before putting a plan together for me. She was thoughtful, honest, and encouraging without being too pushy. In the end I finished the half-marathon in two hours exactly and couldn't be happier. I high recommend Whitney and look forward to working with her in the future."


Returning Half Marathoner

"Because of Whitney's coaching I was able to PR at my most recent half marathon less than a year after having a baby.  She developed a plan that accommodated my busy life with a baby and a full-time job.  With Whitney's help, I was able to push past my previous limits and see my full potential! I highly recommend working with Whitney to see what you're capable of achieving!"


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